Bennett Park Raiders Youth Football


Playoff Start This Week for K/1 thru 6th

Congratulations to the following teams for making the playoffs:

  • K/1 Howard
  • 2nd Cahill
  • 4th Roberts
  • 5th Moody
  • 5th Wheeler
  • 6th Freeman
  • 7/8 Rollman

Upcoming Important 2014 Dates

  • November 1 - First Round of playoff games
  • November 9 - Cheer Bowl
  • November 15 - Lanier Bowl

2014 BPYFA Executive Board

We are proud to announce the new BPYFA Executive board members for 2014.

I am very excited to take over as BPYFA President for Jake Sexton, who stepped down at the completion of 2013 season. I have been on the board in various roles over the last 5 seasons and now am prepared to take on the challenge of park President. Our focus, as always, is to teach the game of football to our communities youth. We take this role serious in selecting the best volunteer coaches and equiping the kids with the latest and safest gear. We have exciting things in store for Bennett Park Youth Football this year, starting with our new website and ongoing use of social media to keep the Bennett Park Raiders community up-to-date with latest news and scores.

If you have any issues or concerns feel free to fill out our comments form.

Thank you for choosing Bennett Park, good luck in your season.

Scott Howard
BPYFA Park President